Writer and performer Ivan Coyote has spent decades on the road, telling stories around the world. For years, Ivan has kept a file of the most special communications received from readers and audience members—letters, Facebook messages, emails, soggy handwritten notes tucked under the windshield wiper of their truck after a gig. Then came spring, 2020, and, like artists everywhere, Coyote was grounded by the pandemic, all their planned events cancelled. The energy of a live audience, a performer’s lifeblood, was suddenly gone. But with this loss came an opportunity for a different kind of connection. Those letters that had long piled up could finally begin to be answered.

Care Of combines the most powerful of these letters with Ivan’s responses, creating a body of correspondence of startling intimacy, breathtaking beauty, and heartbreaking honesty and openness. Taken together, they become an affirming and joyous reflection on many of the themes central to Coyote’s celebrated work—compassion and empathy, family fragility, non-binary and trans identity, and the unending beauty of simply being alive, a giant love letter to the idea of human connection, and the power of truly listening to each other.

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Ivan Coyote is the award-winning author of thirteen books, the creator of four short films, and they have released three albums that combine storytelling with music. Ivan is a seasoned stage performer, and over the last twenty-six years has become an audience favourite at storytelling, writer’s, film, poetry, and folk music festivals from Anchorage to Australia.

Ivan often grapples with the complex and intensely personal issues of gender identity in their work, as well as topics such as family, class, social justice and queer liberation, but always with a generous heart, a quick wit, and the nuanced and finely-honed timing of a gifted storyteller. Ivan’s stories remind us of our own fallible and imperfect humanity while at the same time inspiring us to change the world.

Ivan’s 13th book, Care Of: Letters, Connections, and Cures will be released on June 8th by McClelland and Stewart, edited by Jared Bland.

Photo by Emily Cooper

In Rebent Sinner, one of North America’s pre-eminent storytellers and performers takes on the intimate and the personal as well as the political in beguiling and revealing stories about what it means for them to be trans and non-binary today. At a time in their life when they must carry the burden of heartbreaking history, while combatting those who would deny their very existence, these stories span thirty years of tackling TERFS, legislators, and bathroom police. But there is delight and pleasure and triumph to be found here, too, as Ivan pays homage to personal heroes while gently guiding younger trans folk to seek joy and find their family as well. Rebent Sinner is the work of an accomplished artist whose plain truths about their experience will astound readers with their utter, breathtaking humanity.

The work is a charming and nuanced contribution to the genre; the writing has a springy, playful quality that is highly sensory. The prose throughout is thick with grief and tenderness…a salve for a tired heart.

Jackie Mlotek

Quill and Quire

From pronoun choice and queer visibility to gendered spaces like bathrooms, Coyote showcases the complexity of everyday experience…On all these topics, the expression is careful, deeply considered and suffused with compassion.

Bret Josef Grubisic

Vancouver Sun

There is a courageous vulnerability in Coyote’s writing, in which they offer up their own stories in the hope of fostering connections and overcoming prejudice…The book is hilarious, heart-breaking, uplifting. It is, in other words, profoundly human.

Michelle Deines

Understorey Magazine

Coyote ought to be recognized as one of Canada’s great humorists, although often the stories are the laughing-through-tears variety. A lot of grit and a lot of heart.

Jade Colbert

Globe and Mail

Facebook Posts

3 months ago

Ivan Coyote
Well this just touched my heart. It did.When I was young and struggling to figure out who I was, I stumbled upon a book called #BoysLikeHer I bought it because one of my favorite musicians, Lyndell Montgomery, was one of the authors. It’s a really fascinating book. The subtitle is Transfictions. It’s a collection of short stories and poems, some of which are based in reality, some of which are true, and some of which are completely made up, and you don’t really get tipped off as to which are which. The four authors were collectively known as a performance group called, Taste This. Each of the four had a slightly different sexual identity. Anna was high femme. Zöe was androgynous but generally fell to the more feminine side. Lyndell was a boi. And Ivan... Ivan was butch AF. Mostly, I identified with Zöe and Lyndell, but part of my heart was with Ivan, and there was always this one picture of Ivan that spoke to me. Something about it felt deeply resonant with who I was on the inside.Tonight I walked past my bedroom mirror and glanced over and I saw Ivan. It was the strangest thing. I had to go to the bookshelf and find the book to confirm. Yup. It’s strange how something as simple as a picture in a book can bed down in your psyche so hard that 20 years later it surfaces as an outward expression. I still don’t consider myself butch, nor do I claim any label at all. I’m just a Barb. But I’m also a bit of an Ivan, whatever that means. I’m grateful that I found that book when I was young. It taught me a very important lesson. It’s ok to be whoever you really are and to embrace your complexity, and to realize that in some ways you are a beautiful mosaic of everyone to whom you’ve ever felt connected.Ivan Coyote 💚 ... See MoreSee Less