Keynote Performances

Because so many of Ivan’s stories grapple with the complicated issues of navigating family, faith, class, gender identity and small-town big family politics, Ivan’s work has often been used by teachers, activists and educators to address hard-hitting issues in a personal and accessible way. Stories are the very best tools we have ever invented to build ourselves a better world to live alongside one another in.

Because much of Ivan’s creative work grapples with life in between binary gender boxes, Ivan is also often asked to speak to labour activists, social justice advocates, university and high school students, health care providers, teachers and school administrators all across this continent and beyond, working to use the power of story and personal narrative to address issues of safety and resources for trans and non-binary students, faculty, employees and clients.

Ivan is available to be booked as a keynote speaker for your conference, symposium, professional development day or university speaker’s series. Ivan can custom craft a story-driven and engaging keynote address from 30-75 minutes in length, incorporating your themes or the specialized needs of your membership. In addition to the performance, Ivan can also participate in moderated question and answer sessions post performance, and facilitate breakout discussions and/or smaller group workshops as well.

Please write to to be in touch about booking an introductory discussion and help us put together a quote for you.

During the pandemic, Ivan is able to deliver a synchronous livestreamed presentation, shot with a two-camera set-up with professional audio and lighting. You can also inquire about pre-taped and/or on-demand performance possibilities.

Once we can gather together safely again, Ivan will resume booking live face-to-face keynote addresses, for audiences from 20 to several thousand people.



Some review quotes:

Hi Ivan,

I was at the GVPL staff day where you spoke yesterday. Specifically, I was the long-haired guy who mouthed “Thank you!” to you after morning break when I thought you were leaving, and you mouthed back “I’m just going over there!”

Your table was crowded and what I wanted to tell you wasn’t, maybe, the most work appropriate anyhow, so I never went to speak with you.

I came in to that event deeply invested in daydreaming my way through and listening as little as possible, and you didn’t let me. Instead, I laughed and cried and somehow that engagement carried forward into the rest of the day as well.

So thank you. You did a great job.


Dear Ivan,

I never do this. I never read a book or see a performance or have an experience that (as transformative as it may be!) compels me to contact the artist/performer to say thank you. But I guess there is a first time for everything.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Your speech was so true and so beautiful and so moving, in so many ways and about so many things that clearly resonated with me. I was brought to tears many times and sort of wished there had been a short break immediately following your words just so that I could have a few private moments of uninterrupted sobbing. To let those profound feelings move out and through me.

I also have a wish that someday soon you’ll publish these words, or share them in a way that can be shared with others. I was overwhelmed with a sense of wanting my children(teenagers)to be there with me to hear your story and to be moved as I was moved, and I know they would be.

In the meantime, I’ll read your books and attend any shows that come my way and I will trumpet your name and the amazing day that I was lucky enough to hear you tell a story.

And I promise to always do my best to get the right book, into the right hands.



4 months ago

Ivan Coyote
This was a very big honour for me, and I am still floating a little bit this Monday morning about it.In recognition of their award-winning writing, gifted storytelling, performances and presence in schools, Yukon University has presented Dr. Ivan Coyote with an honorary Doctor of Arts, Honoris Causa, the highest honour a university can bestow. Dr. Coyote delivered a beautiful key address to graduates, their families, faculty, staff and dignitaries in attendance. "To all graduates - I'm so proud of you," they shared, "I want to congratulate you on completing this step towards your stupidly big small-town kid dreams! I hope that you meet and exceed all of the dreams for your life that you are holding in your hearts and in your hands today."Dr. Coyote is a master storyteller and proud third-generation Yukoner, who was born and raised in a large Irish Catholic family in Whitehorse. They learned the craft of storytelling on long, northern winter nights gathered around their grandmother’s kitchen table. Ivan has created a window to the North and through this window they have shared Whitehorse and the Yukon with the rest of Canada and the world. Dr. Coyote stands between YukonU President Dr. Lesley Brown and Chancellor Jamena James Allen.#YukonUgrad23 ... See MoreSee Less
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